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Learn How To Self Heal and Gain Instant Balance









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Ignite Your Self-Heal Potential

In Just 3 Easy Steps

We all have the self-heal potential but we need to learn the correct techniques in order to optimize our capacity to harness the energy from the cosmos to self-heal.

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Introducing Time2SelfHeal 3-Step Proven Process Mentorship Membership

An Interactive Mentorship

The membership will empower you to learn the whole program in order to uplift your energy through daily exercise. Working with the Energy centers of Transformation (Chakras) will develop your alignment with the Cosmos.

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Benefit 1 "Communicate with your innerself to feel your energy, understand your thoughts and yourself. You now can start to do self-healing.


Benefit 2 Learning to develop your intuition, working more with your 3rd eye will help clarify your mind and your thinking. You can perform remote healing.


Benefit 3 "Create your outcomes. Create a life by design. Being creative from our intuition, wisdom and have your spiritual Awakening.

I was blown away!

Minh brought me back to the gift of our innerselves using her simple techniques.

  • Crystal Davis

  • Your voice is very spiritual

    You helped me to relax where I can create that balance.

  • Dr. Monica Mallet

  • Self-Heal techniques help you to achieve Physical Health, Mental Clarity and Spiritual Awakening. 

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    Module 1

    Energy centers Activation. Self-Heal & Recharging Breathing exercise Techniques.

    Module 2

    Energy Techniques for Blood purification. Pulse reading.

    Module 3

    Techniques for Neutralizing toxins food & Quit smoking.

    Module 4

    Energy techniques for mental issues.

    Module 5

    Empowering Chakra 6. Chakras spinning.

    Module 6

    C6 Distant Healing Techniques for One person.

    Module 7

    C6 Collective Distant healing. List of 10 names and more.

    Module 8

    C6 Healing techniques for Environment, Plants, Flowers, Domestic animals.

    Module 9

    Physical body and Light Body. Power and guidance of Heart Energy. Joys and pains we received from previous generations.

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    Meet The Trainer

    Minh Dannerstedt

    Dr. Minh Dannerstedt has started with Energy Self-Heal workshops in Europe and was invited to teach in many countries, which allowed her to gain valuable experiences in coaching and mentoring.
    As she speaks Vietnamese, French, English, Swedish, she could teach Energy Self-Healing in many languages.
    Dr. Minh Dannerstedt is now bringing her Self-Heal 3 step proven System on digital platform to deliver to a larger audience and contribute with her life work.

  • She received a Certification of Doctor of Philosophy from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines in 1998.

  • She is Certified HADO Instructor (Healing And Discovering Ourselves), trained by Dr. Masaru Emoto, - whose researches have revealed through photographs of water crystal how Thoughts and Words interact with our vibrational subtle energies and physical balance.

  • She is a Certified Coach in B.A.N.K. IOS Intelligence Operating System, Licensed Trainer in Communicative Relationships at Code Breaker Tech.

  • Sample Lesson 1- COMMUNICATE

    Sample Lesson 2 - CLARIFY

    Sample Lesson 3- CREATE

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When will I get access to the course once I place my order?

    As soon as you buy the course, we will get your username and password sent to your email for immediate access.

    How long will I get access to the course for?

    You will get access to the course for one year and benefit from all future bonuses or improvements to the course!

    Is it Interactive and can I ask Questions to the trainer?

    Absolutely. This course includes membership to our private course Facebook group for ongoing support.

    Do I have to use a desktop Computer to watch the training?

    You can use any of your devices such as a Laptop, computer, iPad, Tablet or even smartphone.

    You will get access to the course for life and benefit from all future changes or improvements to the course!